Becoming a flight instructor

Flight Instructor (FI)

Take the flight instructor course at Wings over Holland and become a flight instructor.

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Become a Flight Instructor

Have you obtained your PPL and feel like you haven’t finished learning? Then take the Flight Instructor course and become a flight instructor. With the Flight Instructor rating, you may teach a new generation of pilots to obtain their own pilot’s license.

If you are a flight instructor and want to teach more than just PPL students, it is also possible to expand your certification. Through various instructor training programs, you can teach more and more.

Stated Requirements Stated Requirements

Preset Requirements

  • Possesses at least PPL
  • Minimum number of flight hours is 200 (unless holding a CPL); of which 150 hours are PIC
  • 30 hours of SEP (5 in senior year)
  • 10 hours of instrument flight instruction
  • 20 hours overland as PIC (incl. 300 NM)
  • CPL(A) theory certificate (with PPL(A) theory the FI candidate is limited to LAPL instruction)
  • Medically examined
Hours Specification

Course Requirements

  • A minimum of 30 hours of flying with an FI instructor
    • 20 hours of flying on a DV-20
    • 5-hour flight with a fellow student
    • 10 x 30 minutes of unusual attitudes / aerobatic training
  • A minimum of 125 hours of theory
    • Basic Aerodynamics
    • Aircraft Techniques
    • Airlaw
    • Teaching and learning
    • Exercise programs to use aircraft
    • Classroom briefings

Becoming a Flight Instructor at Wings over Holland

Here at Wings over Holland, we have a highly experienced and motivated team of flight instructors who are eager to give you high-quality training.

To get started on this Flight Instructor (FI) course, there are some pre-requisites though. Thus, you must hold a private pilot license (PPL) and also have flown at least 200 PIC (Pilot In Command); unless you hold a CPL. You must have flown 30 hours of SEP, 10 hours of instrument flight instruction and 20 hours of overland as PIC (including 300 NM).

An FI with a PPL may teach for the LAPL course, if you hold a CPL(A) theory certificate then you may also teach for the PPL course. If you have a CPL then you have no LAPL restriction. What does this training look like?

Total Hours Flying


Flying with the DV-20


With Fellow Apprentice


Unusual Attitudes


*This is the minimum required approach

Flight Instructor Theory

In addition to the practical classes, time is also spent on theory classes during Flight Instructor training. During theory, you will be taught a minimum of 125 hours in subjects such as:

  • Basic Aerodynamics
  • Aircraft Techniques
  • Airlaw, Teaching & Learning
  • Exercise programs to use flight hours
  • Classroom Briefings.

This is given at our own flight school in Lelystad.

Medical Examination

No pilot can fly and obtain his FI without being medically examined since good health is an important requirement in aviation.

At Wings over Holland, we recommend that you get your Class II Medical Examination at Aeglia. This medical center is at Lelystad Airport so is nearby for anyone who wants to get their pilot’s license with us.

Cost of training

Intake flight (± 1 hour DV-20)
Theory section
Practical part DV-20 + Fuji (30 hours)
Examination fees (examiner)
Exam flight ± 1 hour DV-20 € 250,-
€ 4.750,-
€ 8.900,-
€ 350,-
€ 250,-


The prices listed above include VAT and landings. The above program is the minimum required approach. Person-dependent, more training may be required.

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Flight Instructor continuing education courses

A PPL allows you to fly all over the world provided it is during daylight and the weather is at least reasonably good so you can fly by sight. Would you like to expand your pilot’s license and also fly in the evening and at night or be able to fly in bad weather? If so, we offer the necessary advanced training.

Will you become a flight instructor?