Class Rating Instructor Multi Engine CRI ME

Class Rating Instructor Multi Engine

Obtain your Class Rating Instructor Multi Engine

Are you a pilot who would like to train other pilots to obtain/renew/apply for a Mutli Engine Class or Type Rating? Then the Class Rating Instructor Multi Engine is a suitable course for you.

The Class Rating Instructor Multi Engine allows you to train fellow pilots to achieve a Multi Engine class and type rating.

Preset Requirements

  • Possesses at least PPL
  • 500 flight hours
  • 30 hours MEP (PIC).
  • Medically examined

Course Requirements

  • Practice (Wings over Holland)
    • Minimum 5-hour flight
      • DA-42 Twinstar
  • Theory (Wings over Holland)
    • Minimum 10 hours of theory (if no FI authority: 25 hours of theory extra)
      • Will be covered during practical training.

Become Class Rating Instructor Multi Engine at Wings

The Class Rating Instructor Multi Engine course at Wings over Holland combines practice and theory.

You will fly 5 hours in the DA-42 Twinstar during this CRI ME training. This is the minimum approach and thus may vary from pilot to pilot.

Having obtained the Class Rating Instructor Multi Engine, the respective pilot can train other suitable pilots for a class and type rating. In addition, the CRI can also renew and rehabilitate Multi Engine ratings.



Total Flying


*This is the minimum required approach

CRI ME Theory

The theory of the Class Rating Instructor Multi Engine (CRI ME) course is done entirely by Wings over Holland. Theory is covered during practical training.

Medical Examination

No pilot can fly and obtain his CRI ME without being medically examined since good health is an important requirement in aviation.

At Wings over Holland, we recommend that you get your Class II Medical Examination at Aeglia. This medical center is at Lelystad Airport so is nearby for anyone who wants to get their pilot’s license with us.

Cost of training

6 hours of flying lessons on the Twinstar at € 522 per hour
10 hours of theory lessons at € 60 per hour
Examination fees (examiner)
Exam flight +/- 1 hour Twinstar at € 522,- per hour € 3.132,-
€ 600,-
€ 250,-
€ 522,-

Total €4,494.

The prices listed above do not include landing fees, including VAT. The above program is the minimum required approach. Person-dependent, more training may be required.

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Continuing education CRI ME

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