Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC).

Flight Instructor Refresher Course

The FIRC at Wings over Holland

At Wings over Holland, we have trained many pilots, many of whom have also become flight instructors. Every year, therefore, many of these instructors also renew their FI authority with our flight school during the Flight Instructor Refresher Course. During this FIRC you will be taught in components such as: Aerodynamics (with a specific focus on unusual attitudes), Regulations, Teaching & Learning, Classroom Briefings and Aircraft Engineering.

While learning these parts, you will get to know the latest developments and change in aviation. It is also possible with this Flight Instructor Refresher Course to fly 45 minutes of Unusual Attitudes and Aerobatics including spin/toll flight. Keep an eye on this page for the next FIRC, or give us a call. Each FI license is valid for 3 years, and can be renewed after attending the FI Seminar.

Next FI Seminar

November 7 and 8

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Program FIRC

The FIRC is a seminar spread over two days. It is a very varied program covering the following items:

  • Aerodynamics with specific attention to unusual attitudes
  • Regulation
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Classroom Briefings
  • Aircraft Engineering

Optional: Flying

  • 45 Minutes of flying with unusual attitudes and aerobatics including spin/tol flight.

Atmosphere during our FI Seminar

100% Satisfaction

Each year Wings over Holland hosts several FI Seminars; this year several satisfied flight instructors have also participated in our FIRC. From experience, we find that this course provides a very social atmosphere where many instructor exchange among themselves knowledge, useful dialogues and good stories about this fascinating field. This also always shows in the number of registrations for the course: it is always quickly booked up.

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