The sky? Flying in Lelystad

Flying in Lelystad? Go to Wings over Holland

Would you like to fly in the Lelystad area? Then you should stop by our flight school. We can be found at Lelystad Airport on Emoeweg and you can drop by any day. Would you like to book a sightseeing flight or a trial lesson in flying? Want to start a PPL to get your own pilot’s license? We offer a variety of different flight training programs that you can get into. Of course, it is also possible to rent various aircraft for private use such as a Cessna, Diamond DA40, Katana, Pitts and many more.

Trial lessons

Trial lesson flying in Lelystad

Have you always wanted to experience being a pilot yourself for a day? Or do you know someone who needs to experience this for themselves? If so, we offer a trial lesson in flying. During this trial lesson, you will receive instruction from one of our flight instructors and then you will fly yourself over Lelystad. So do you want the ideal birthday gift for yourself or an acquaintance? Then a trial lesson in flying in Lelystad is the right choice.

Flight training courses galore

If you want to get your pilot’s license and fly in Lelystad you can start your PPL training with us. We have years of experience guiding aspiring pilots. Our flight instructors are happy to help you get your PPL so you can fly in Lelystad, the Netherlands or anywhere else. It is also possible to get your Flight Instructor, CPL, IRI and many other courses at Wings over Holland.

Flight Instructor

Would you like to fly in a rented or your own plane? Wings over Holland’s PPL (Private Pilot License) course offers you the training and experience you need.

Learn to fly at our flight school, get your own pilot’s license and travel the world in a single-engine plane.

If you want to expand your PPL (twin-engine flying) or go further and learn to fly professionally then this is your first step.

Flight Instructor

Have you obtained your PPL and feel like you haven’t finished learning? Then take the Flight Instructor course and become a flight instructor. With the Flight Instructor rating, you may teach a new generation of pilots to obtain their own pilot’s license.

If you are a flight instructor and want to teach more than just PPL students, it is also possible to expand your certification. Through various instructor training programs, you can teach more and more.


Have you always had the dream from a young age of becoming a pilot? Do you want to turn your hobby into work? Then the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) course is perfect for you. This professional pilot’s license will open your doors to a job as a pilot.

Thus, you may fly people and/or goods from point A to B. In short – a dream come true. The CPL course is offered in two variations, namely: the CPL-MEP and the CPL-SEP. During the CPL-SEP, you will learn to fly commercially in a single-engine aircraft.

Flying in Lelystad with our planes

No need for flight training? Then it is also just possible to rent a plane from our flight school. We have a wide selection of single engine aircraft including a Cessna, Diamond DA40, Katana and even aerobatics aircraft such as a Pitts Special and a Fuji. Flying in a multi engine aircraft? Then book a flight with our Diamond DA42. Plenty of planes you can fly in Lelystad.